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INSULATE YOUR HOME A warmer, drier, quieter home makes for a happier healthier family. We should know. We’ve been making Pink® Batts®, New Zealand’s favourite insulation, for over 50 years.

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CertainTeed Sustainable Batt Insulation acts as both thermal and acoustical insulation in ceilings, walls and floors. Installation Sustainable Batt Insulation is made for easy handling and installation. For small or irregularly shaped spaces, all trimming can be simply accomplished with a utility knife. For cathedral ceiling products, an

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High-density sidewall batts are available in sizes to fit standard construction without the loss of R-value due to compression. High-density cathedral ceiling batts allow airspace between the insulation and roof deck for ventilation. These batts meet the energy-saving requirements of today's codes without requiring changes in construction ...

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Aug 18, 2011 · i want to roof my 800 sq ft cathedral ceiling house on outside with metal roofing. i converted the ceiling to cathedral in 1999. it was an old bungalow from the 30's. it has open eaves and insulation was blown into the walls. i replaced the sash windows with energy saver inserts and am concerned that snow melts off my roof quicker than id like.

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With the flash-and-batt approach to a cathedral ceiling, the batt is under the spray foam, not over the spray foam. In other words, the spray foam is on the exterior side, and the batt is on the interior side. Concerning the question of whether to install R-21 insulation or R-49 insulation, your spray foam contractor is wrong.

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Ceiling batts are too thick and not rigid enough to be fitted into studs without compression (and subsequent R-value). Wall batts have a water repellent added whereas ceiling batts don't. Where higher R-values are required, the use of an R2.0 glasswool or rockwool wall batt is required along with EnviroSeal fixed to the outside of the stud.

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Hi, Susie. If your attic rafters are 2-by-6-inch framing members, I assume you used an R-19 batt insulation. R-19 is made for 6-inch framing, and if you installed the vent trays properly, there should have been enough air movement in the cavities to prevent condensation on the back of your roof sheathing without nailing extensions to the rafters.

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Apr 17, 2017 · Best Insulation for Sloped Ceilings. Sloped or cathedral ceilings are often found in great rooms. The ceiling is vaulted at an angle, and there’s no attic space above the ceiling. According to Green Building Advisor, the best way to insulate the ceiling depends on whether you have a ventilated or unvented roof assembly.

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Spray Foam: A polymer, combined with a foaming agent, sprays into steel wall and ceiling cavities. A liquid when released, the mixture expands quickly, drying into a solid mass of air-filled cells. While much more expensive than batt insulation, spray foam— when expertly applied— fills every tiny crevice, reducing air leaks.

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Knowing that roofs need ventilation, determines the thickness of the insulation for cathedral ceilings, for instance. Doing it Yourself is an option for re-insulating in many parts of the home, such as adding batts to the attic, or spray foam around pipes. But applying spray foam in walls of an addition or an existing wall will necessitate ...

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A how-to on installing CertainTeed’s fiberglass insulation batts into attic and cathedral ceiling applications.
cathedral ceiling cavity. Due to its inorganic nature, EcoTouch® Thermal Batt insulation will not rot or mildew and is non-corrosive to steel, copper and aluminum. Sized for Proper Ventilation R-30C EcoTouch® Thermal Batt insulation is designed to eliminate R-value loss caused by compressing standard R-30 products in 2x10 cathedral ceiling ...
Insulating The Ridge Of Cathedral Ceilings. ... When you are ready to insulate the attic you can either install batts in the attic or opt for blown in attic insulation.
When it comes to flash and batt, those thin or marginal areas become a concern. Let’s say a crew picture frames a cavity just over an inch thick and then sprays the center at 5/8”. The thinner part at the center of the cavity may become a condensing surface, based on the conditions.
A ceiling fan sans the typical number of 3 to 5 blades can ideally be used for low profile areas or those rooms with a lower ceiling-to-floor height. Unlike a traditional ceiling fan with a blade span ranging from 44" and up, these unique fans without blades carry a much smaller wingspan.

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St. James Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral located at 804 Ninth Avenue in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, United States.It is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Seattle and the seat of its archbishop, currently Paul D. Etienne.
All your CertainTeed roofing, siding, gypsum, ceilings and insulation information gathered in one convenient location. ... The Right Way to Insulate Attics & Cathedral Ceilings with Batts . A how-to on installing CertainTeed's fiberglass insulation batts into attic and cathedral ceiling applications.Dec 16, 2012 · In my experience, a cathedral ceiling with common ceiling joists/rafters is a no-no for energy efficiency. It really doesn't matter what he uses for insulation or even if the roof has a radiant barrier, it's going to be a hot ceiling via conduction. The 2x 8 will absorb heat and transfer it to the drywall ceiling.